Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Discussion Tuesday Night

We'll get to the snow info in a moment. First, it'll be a clear cold night with lows around 12-14° by daybreak. At 8:15 pm, we're already down to 18° here in Cookeville. For Wednesday, look for a sunny sky most of the day and a high around 30°, clouds move in later Wednesday night, low 21° with a slight chance for snow by daybreak. Then the fun begins............

For Thursday, snow moves into the Cookeville area during 8 to 10 am range (as of now) with heavier snow as the day wears on. Any snow that falls will stick to the road surfaces and cause dangerous driving conditions. This will be a dry, powdery-type snow and west wind of around 15 mph will make the day feel very cold along drifting the snow that has fallen. By Thursday evening at sunset, conditions will worsen and travel will be highly discouraged. You can forget about any melting of the snow overnight and more is expected to fall into Friday. Accumulations in the Cookeville area by the end of the snow event could reach the 4" range. With blowing snow, drifts could be as high as 6". This is a fluid situation and it is a good idea to check your weather sources for changing forecasts and conditions.

*Winter Storm Watch*

*Latest Local Forecast*

*Tennessee WX* (weather discussions)

*Nashville WX* (the weather blog of Channel 2-Nashville) (the above map image is from their web site)

*TDOT SMARTWAY* (road conditions across Tennessee)

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...our average temperature for the month of January is just 19°. Our average high has been 25.6° (thanks, in part to a high of 34° on New Year's Day) while the average low temperature has been 13.3°. WOW, now that is cold!
...we have gone more than 100 straight hours under 32° and that number (if we don't top 32° on Wednesday) will swell to nearly 235 hours by the time we do warm over freezing. That day is expected to be Monday! Stay tuned!


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