Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Chances Coming Thursday


COLD AGAIN: We're watching our chances for snow on Thursday and I'll get to that in just a moment. This morning, we're at 10°. It markets our 5th consecutive day of temperatures below freezing. Expect a sunny day with highs around 28°, the warmest since January 1st. Tonight, cold again, low 18° with clouds moving in and a slight chance of snow flurries. On Thursday, the heaviest of the snow arrives by 10 o'clock in the morning. You'll notice a strong west wind with gusts to 15 mph. This will cause the snow to blow around. We'll see up to 3" inches of accumulations here in Cookeville with possibly more in the higher elevations to our east. Behind the cold front, temperatures will plunge once again. I expect Friday and Saturday nights to be in the single digits.

Weather History for This Date
1910 - A major winter storm buries Clarksville, TN under a foot of snow!

Did You Know
From last night.....
...our average temperature for the month of January is just 19°. Our average high has been 25.6° (thanks, in part to a high of 34° on New Year's Day) while the average low temperature has been 13.3°. WOW, now that is cold!
...we have gone more than 100 straight hours under 32° and that number (if we don't top 32° on Wednesday) will swell to nearly 235 hours by the time we do warm over freezing. That day is expected to be Monday! Stay tuned!

Fun Weather Site of The Day
Check out the weather briefing from West TN Weather!

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
Yesterday's high: 24° low: 12°
Normal High: 46°
(Record: 68° in 2007)
Normal Low: 26°
(Record: -6° in 1924)
Last Year: 55° and 43°
1.03" of rain fell on this date in 1962
2" of snow in 1979
7" on the ground in 1960

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tncorgi said...


You mentioned that we've been below 32 degrees for 5 days - any idea what the record is for Cookeville?

C. F. First said...


great job with the forecast.

Should I invest in a snow shovel for Thursday and Friday, or do you provide personal snow removal as a complimentary service?

Keep up the great work.

Jay Bee

Michael Detwiler said...

Paul...I don't know what the record is, officially, but would have to say it is up in the 9-10 day range.

Jay...Get the shovel, and NOPE you are on your own for removing snow!

Thanks for the comments fellows!


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