Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Showers; Monday Surprise?


  • 2.11" of rain has fallen since 4 am at my home

At one point this morning, the rain was falling so hard, had it continued we would have seen 3.43" in an hour.

  • 2.30" at Tennessee Tech
  • 2.10" at Cane Creek
  • 2.09" at Colonial Meadows

Wind gusts have been impressive

  • 40 mph at my home around 2:15 this morning.
  • 51 mph at Tennessee Tech
  • 44 mph at the Emergency Operations Center on Willow
  • 33 mph at Colonial Meadows

RAIN CONTINUING: We've received .70" here in Cookeville since the rain began overnight and recorded a 40 mph wind gust at 2:15 this morning. Expect more rain today with highs in the lower 60's. Winds could gust to 25 mph. Tonight, rain continues, low of 39°. Monday starts with a chance for rain and ends with a snow chance. The rest of the 7-day forecast is chilly.

Are you unable to attend church today, don't have a home church, or just staying in? I encourage you to check out our LIVE SERVICE this morning at Trinity Assembly in Algood, TN. You can go to our web site and it'll come on at 8:30 am and 10:30 am Central Standard Time! Enjoy!

Weather History for This Date

1943- Temperature at Clarksville climbs to 82 degrees. It's the warmest temperature ever observed there in January.
1963- Temperature at Kingston Springs drops to -30 degrees, which is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Middle Tennessee, and comes within 2 degrees of tying the all-time record low for Tennessee (Mountain City, 12/30/1917). Other record lows include Clarksville (-17), Dover (-24), Lafayette (-20), Linden (-18), Portland (-19), Springfield (-18), and Waverly (-26). In fact, Waverly sees its temperature drop by 80 degrees with the passage of the strongest cold front in mid state history. Five inches of snow accompany the dramatic change in temperature. The Duck River freezes solid from bank to bank for the first time since 1898. Harbors along the Tennessee River also freeze. It is considered the worst winter weather since the 1951 ice storm.
1972- Nashville's 78 degrees sets a record high for January.
1997- A rare winter severe weather outbreak results in 12 tornadoes across Middle Tennessee, injuring 31 persons and causing damage in excess of $9 million. Amazingly, there are no fatalities. Barfield, near Murfreesboro, is hit by an F4. This is the 7th largest tornado outbreak in mid state history.

Daily Weather Story
Northern California tornado warning issued after funnel cloud spotted near San Francisco 

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