Monday, February 1, 2010

Special Weather Statement

Snow Covers 75% of U.S. 

SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT: Tonight, for Freezing Rain, Sleet, and Rain overnight as a band of precipitation moves up from the south. We will drop, here in Cookeville, to near freezing tonight and it won't take much for roads to become very slippery. Use caution if out later tonight and early in the morning. Watching another system for later this week into the weekend that may bring more wintry-type precipitation to the Upper Cumberlands area of Tennessee. 

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Nathan Parker said...

Where'd you get the WSI map? That's pretty neat! I'd love to find that!

Also, we have similar functionality in WeatherBug Streamer. You can use the Jing app ( I told you about to capture Streamer pics to post on your blog as well. That'd be great!

Got my new HD Cam today! Getting it installed tomorrow! Then we'll be able to see Mount Yonah live on the WeatherBug Network!


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