Monday, February 1, 2010

More Melting Today; Freezing Rain Possible

WARMER TODAY: We expect temperatures to be even warmer today, with a high of 43°, after a morning start of 15° at 6:43 am. There is an advisory through 9 a.m. for Freezing Fog across Middle Tennessee. Road conditions (especially secondary streets) are treacherous at best. Cold overnight temps refroze roads that had melted and were wet during the day on Sunday. I cannot emphasize enough the dangerous facts about black ice. As was posted yesterday, it is the second-leading weather killer (just behind heat) annually, according to Bill Murray with AlabamaWX. Today's photo (see above) is from the Nat'l Weather Service in Nashville and shows the snow cover as of yesterday, January 31st. Speaking of January, the monthly wrap-up is located at the bottom of this post.

FREEZING RAIN EVENT: We have a chance for rain overnight and with lows right around freezing, anything that falls can/will stick to trees, power lines, bridges, and overpasses. This could cause extremely hazardous driving conditions late tonight as well as early tomorrow morning. It will be a light precip amount. Our next event arrives late on Thursday and stays through Saturday and just might bring us another round of rain, sleet, and snow. Stay tuned!

Weather History for This Date

On February 1, 1951...
Precipitation continues at Nashville through the morning, most of it as snow, and finally ends around noon. An additional 5.2" are measured, leaving the city buried under 8" of ice and snow.
On February 1, 1985...
Nashville receives 6.7" of snow.

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
Yesterday's high: 39.3° (4:13 pm)
Yesterday's low: 9.3° (6:53 am)
Normal High: 47°
Record: 76° in 2002
Normal Low: 25°
Record: -2° in 1971
Last Year: 48° and 20°
2.36" of rain fell on this date in 1915
2.5" of snow fell in 1934
3" of snow on the ground in 1966
(record broken for snow on ground of 4.5" in 2010)

Average Daily High: 39.8° (5.9° below normal)
Average Daily Low: 22.7° (2.6° below normal)
Average Temperature: 31.2° (4.3° below normal)
Precipitation measured: 6.79" (avg=5.33")
Snow measured: 5.8" (avg=3.9")
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Anonymous said...

Think they'll open putnam county schools tomorrow? Or keep them closed due to the possibility of freezing rain? I personally don't think the roads will be cleared by tomorrow morning.

Michael Detwiler said...

Nope..I think Putnam County Schools will remain closed tomorrow. There will not be enough melting today.

kim chen jr. said...

Do you have any idea about melting rates at certain temperatures?

tncorgi said...

Had the same thoughts about school - remember the relatively light snow & ice accumulation last month which gave the kids 4 days? Heard someone this morning speculating that they'll be out this entire week.

Thought it was cool that there's a weather man named Bill Murray - bet he gets a lot of ribbing on Groundhog Day!

Bella said...

The forecast calls for rain and snow tonight. Will the rain melt away the snow?

Michael Detwiler said...

@Kim Chen, JR...if you'll google the term 'snowmelt rates', you 'll get more information than you can read on that subject!! :)

@TN Corgi...with the thick ice associated with this recent storm, it could be days before they go back!

@Bella....It won't do much to melt the snow, we need bright sunshine and warm temps for that to happen. I'm not expecting a great deal of rain tonight from this system. Some of it could be FREEZING rain, too! OUCH


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