Thursday, February 25, 2010

Waking Up To Morning Snow

**8:08 AM UPDATE**
Putnam County Schools are now closed...what a nightmare for the administration, but a great call to close them. Again, no child, parent, teacher or bus driver is worth endangering. Picture from Monterey is forthcoming. A quote from a resident "Monterey is slicker than n' something"...add White County to that list of closed schools.

**8:00 AM UPDATE** 
Overton, Fentress, and Cumberland Counties have all closed for today, September (oops) February 25, 2010. This is a change from 2 hours late .....due to snow.....

SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS WEEK: Continues across Tennessee. Today, we focus on Severe Thunderstorms. There is an excellent article at Examiner that contains safety tips and the differences between a Severe Thunderstorm Watch and Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

SNOW ONCE AGAIN: We awake to morning snow here in Cookeville, TN. Nearly 1/2" of accumulation and schools will be running 2 hours late across much of the Upper Cumberland. We have a Winter Weather Advisory in effect. It's cold (24.1° at just before 7 a.m.) with highs only expected to be in the mid 30's today. The snow will likely taper off by lunch. Don't expect much more to accumulate. Roads, for the most part, are in fairly good shape. Watch out on bridges and overpasses. We have a sunny weekend ahead with chilly temperatures. See the forecast below.

My Weather Station LIVE: At the top of my web site is 'My Weather Station Live'. It is now running off my Davis Vantage Vue. I hooked up the Vue to my computer last evening. It is one of the most accurate systems on the market today. The updates will occur every 2.5 seconds. You can see all the information over at Wunderground, along with several other web sites. I will post those later. Enjoy! 

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
This Morning's low: 23.7° at 3:06 am
Yesterday's high: 37.0° at 1:22 pm
Yesterday's low: 24.2° @ 11:34 pm
Normal High: 53°
Record: 74° in 2000
Normal Low: 30°
Record: 0° in 1967
Last Year: 56° and 42°
1.89" of rain fell on this date in 1934
5.5" of snow fell in 1942
1+" of snow on the ground in 1993
Highs continue to run 9+° below normal for February
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Anonymous said...

"September 25, 2010" - ???

Is that new baby making you a little too sleep-deprived?

Clay said...

We made it into the upper 30s here in the Nashville area due to partly/mostly sunny skies. It felt pretty nice outside. Hope all is well and I'm sure you are enjoying your Vue.

Michael Detwiler said...

thanks Anon!! Guess I am sleep deprived...

hey Clay...sure am!!


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