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Severe Weather Likely

A Tornado Warning is in effect for portions of Macon, Trousdale, and Sumner Counties in Middle Tennessee. This is a doppler radar indicated twister. Watching this line of storms closely. LIST OF STORM REPORTS ACROSS MIDDLE TN

A Tornado Watch is now in effect for Putnam County until 2 o'clock in the morning. 

Seeing some sunshine just west of Cookeville. 
This helps to 'cook' the atmosphere. 
Not what we want. 
Many tornado warnings west of Nashville.
Quite a line of storms just to the west of Nashville. At this moment, a tornado warning is in effect for the following counties in western Middle TN: 
  • Dickson, Hickman, Houston, Benton, Decatur, Montgomery
  • Add Perry and Humphrey to this list.
  • Weather spotter saying tornado on ground near Oak Grove, KY
It'll go quiet again here in the Cookeville area in the next 30-45 minutes up until the next line back west of Nashville comes roaring through later this evening. More updates later. 

Not to downplay our current situation by any means, but if severe weather does not develop, we can thank the fact we didn't see warmer temperatures this afternoon and higher dew point numbers. Again, I'm not saying (by any stretch of imagination) we are out of the woods...just making an observation about the temperature/dew point. We still have a volatile atmosphere. Watching multiple areas of rotation in storms west of Nashville. CONCERN REMAINS for many portions of Middle TN. It has gotten quite dark here in the last 10 minutes here in Cookeville. 

Strong storms are marching across Tennessee at this hour. There are many Severe Thunderstorm Warnings in effect as of this post. A Tornado Watch continues to be in effect until 9 pm. Our friends  in Mississippi and Alabama are dealing with tornadoes and severe storms. As I said earlier, Yazoo City, MS has been struck by an F3 or F4 tornado and there is significant damage. The storm containing that tornado has moved into NE Mississippi/NW Alabama. There are unconfirmed fatalities in Mississippi. 

Tornado Watch until 9 pm tonight for Putnam and surrounding counties. LINK TO NWS, remember a Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for development of severe weather including tornadoes. While we are not currently under the gun, watch for continuing development. 

Significant tornado has struck Yazoo City, MS. Early indications from storm spotters are this one may have  been an EF-4. These are long-track tornadoes that are on the ground for many miles. Pictures of the damage are showing quite a bit of damage in that town. Back here in Cookeville, we are watching storm development back to our west. Our atmosphere is very unstable. Dr. Greg Forbes says the tornado condition number for the Nashville area is a 7...that means conditions are very favorable for dangerous weather conditions. FLOOD STATEMENT for Davidson, Maury, and Williamson Counties in Middle TN. Very strong storms over Middle TN. 

12:30 UPDATE
New Hazardous Weather Outlook has just been issued. Hearing of 30 homes flattened near Jackson, MS. Will try to get an update on that. Also hearing about a large tornado in Yazoo City, MS. 

12:15 UPDATE
It is going to be quiet for a bit, but this is not the end of the risk of severe weather. Quite a bit of development back to our south and west that will move through this afternoon. Please stay 'weather-aware'.....

ALL OF MIDDLE TN now under a 'HIGH RISK' for severe weather today. This is a particularly dangerous situation. The atmosphere is heated up and continuing to be very favorable for the development of strong storms. Please continue to keep up with the latest information. *STORM PREDICTION CENTER*

Things may get quiet here for a little bit with very light rain and little, if any, lightning & thunder. Please do not let your guard down as we do expect strong storms to develop this afternoon. Continue to stay abreast of the latest weather situation. After each update, I am posting a link to a site that I believe is VERY IMPORTANT in keeping up with the weather. People in Mississippi dealing with several tornadoes with confirmed damage. **MIDDLE TN LIGHTNING DATA** **LATEST POST FROM**

Lightning continues pop around the Cookeville area. This is the first wave and it contains frequent lightning and some heavy rain, but the severe weather is back to our south and west and expected to move through later. Winds will gust to 35 today with possible stronger gusts in thunderstorms. We'll continue to see OFF and ON heavy showers. Again, the best chance for severe weather is this afternoon. *RADAR*

Skies have continued to darken across Cookeville and thunder is rumbling (quite loud at times). Additionally, the raindrops are large. We see quite a line of storms lining up back to our south and west. You'll see the occasional heavy rain with lightning pass through over the next 30 minutes. The most severe storms at this moment are located in southwest Middle TN west of Interstate 65 and south of Interstate 40. *NWS-NASHVILLE web site

Rumbling thunder across the city of Cookeville. Received a report of heavy rain down near Center Hill Dam just a few minutes ago. A lot of strong to severe reports coming from southwestern Middle TN just across the borders with MS and AL. Please continue to stay up on the latest with the weather. More soon. ** (a service of News 2)

Skies are darkening across the Cookeville area. The strong weather is back to our west and our south. We'll probably see some showers develop ahead of the strong storms. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT WEATHER PAGE. Southern Middle TN is having the most development at this time. We'll see development in our area after the noon hour. More as conditions warrant or advisories are issued. 

VERY BUSY WEATHER DAY ACROSS MIDDLE TN: With many outdoor functions going on, it is very important to stay in touch for possible severe weather. I do know that MIX 92.9 in Nashville will be simulcasting the News 2 weather folks should a tornado be on the ground. A tornado watch has recently been issued for counties just to our west through 2 pm. I do think we'll see a watch issued, for us, a little later this morning. Additionally, today is one of those three or four days across Middle TN where the potential for damaging storms is great.

WHAT WE KNOW: Here is what we know. We know that the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has us under a moderate risk for severe weather. This is the first severe event possibility of the spring season. We also know there is a risk for long-track tornadoes today. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping an eye on the weather. We know the SPC has placed portions of West TN under a rare 'PDS' or a Particulary Dangerous Situation tornado watch box.

Weather History for This Date
April 24, 1975 - A tornado strikes Mayland (in Cumberland County) killing one and injuring four other people. It stays on the ground for two miles.
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