Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day Update

More than 2" of rainfall has been recorded since we began 2011. January typically averages 5.11", so we're off to a great start. The rainfall should wind down this afternoon but we will have a dreary winter-like day. Great for watching football indoors!

Expect temperatures to continue falling throughout the day. At 12:35 pm, it is 44.2° down from 57.8° at 8 o'clock this morning.

Ready for some December 'by the numbers'...what a crazy month.
December stats:
High - 66.4° on 31st
Low - 9.3° on 14th
Average high - 39.9° (normal = 49.7°)
Average low - 22.7° (normal = 28.6°)
Average daily temperature - 31.3° (normal = 39.2°)
Total Snow Measurement - 8.6" (a typical winter total for us)
Record snow for December is 10" from 1916
3.13" of rain at the NWS-Coop station in south Cookeville
1.95" at my home station
Highest wind gust - 40 mph on December 31st at 11:58 pm

Finally, if you have stuck with me this far, check out this story about a 'Variable Weather Pattern' for the month of January.

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