Friday, May 20, 2011

This Is More Like It

Thursday's high temperatures across middle Tennessee were some 20° warmer than the last four days. Here in Cookeville, TN it was 75°. We expect Friday's high temperature to be around 82° and most of us will certainly say 'this is more like it'. Most of the area is starting today in the 60's.

Your weekend forecast calls for a slight chance for storms on Saturday with a high of 85° expected and the same for Sunday with a high of 84°. Looking ahead to the first of next week, expect highs in the middle 80's with slight chances for storms.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Cookeville's Daily Almanac 
May 20, 2011
Our Friday morning low: 59.4°
Thursday's high: 75.1°
Thursday's low: 51.4°

Normal High: 78°
Normal Low: 53°
Last Year: 82° and 53°
Records: 93° in 1962 and 39° in 2002
24-hour precip total: 0.00

1.11" of rain fell on this date in 1942
1990-An F1 tornado cuts a 2-mile path near Summertown (Lawrence County). No injuries are reported.
2008-Storms hit in 2008 with several reports of large hail including baseball-sized in Monroe County

MAY 20th: (thanks to Bill Murray at Weather Notebook)

  • 1894 - Late-season record snowfall hits parts of eastern and central Kentucky. Some areas picked up 10 inches of snowfall, while Lexington picked up 6 inches of the white stuff.

  • 1918 - For the third year in a row, the town of Codell, Kansas was struck by a tornado on May 21. (1914, 1915, 1916).

  • 1949 - One of only two days in recorded US History when 100 tornadoes occurred. The other was April 3, 1974.

  • 1957 - Tornado at Williamsburg KS caused 71-mile path of destruction through southern suburbs of Kansas City. There was near total devastation through the suburbs of Ruskin Heights and Hickman Mills. 44 killed and 531 injured. A 5000-pound gasoline tank was reportedly transported 1.5 miles and dropped into a lake. It was Kansas City's worst weather disaster of record.

  • 1963 - Known as Black Saturday in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey as flames from a forest fire moved nine miles in just 6 hours. The flames would burn for 11 days. 7 people were killed and nearly 1000 left homeless as more than 200,000 acres burn.

  • 1982 - 2.5 inches of rain in thirty minutes at Milford Oh, a suburb of Cincinnati.

  • 1985 - Brush fires near Fort Myers FL resulted in the evacuation of s hospital and several homes.

  • 1987 - Grapefruit-size hail in southern Texas killed small animals, damaged property and destroyed watermelon crops.

  • 1997 - Up to 1 million people were left homeless by a cyclone with winds of 145 mph that struck Bangladesh, killing 46. About a third of the casualties were reported in the port city Chittagong, Bangladesh's second largest city. Tidal surges six feet high covered islands and crops while winds toppled trees. Since 1970, such storms have left an estimated 1.5 million people dead.

  • 1997 - The rainfall total for the year at Victoria, Texas stood at a whopping 34.69 inches, nearly 30 inches above 1996's January to May total of 4.81 inches and very near the normal rainfall for the entire year.

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