Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stormy Sunday

On this date in 2004, I was married to my beautiful wife and after seven years of marriage, we are looking forward to the next bunch of years raising our kids and growing old together! Today's weather post headline has to do with the weather and not us! Love you wifey!

Most of you across the Highlands of Tennessee are waking up to rain falling this morning. Right now, there doesn't appear (at 9 am) to much in the way of lightning, however that will change as we transition into the afternoon hours when another round of rain and storms will move into our area. Current indications are that we'll see a slight risk for severe thunderstorms during the afternoon hours and our greatest threat is for damaging winds and large hail. The National Weather Service says reports from trained spotters may be needed.

The reporting criteria for severe thunderstorms is the following: Tornado, Funnel Cloud, Flooding, Hail (greater than 1/2"), Winds greater than 50 mph that are measured, Structural Damage, and trees or power lines down.

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
June 26th, 2011
Our morning low: 64.8°
Yesterday's high: 85.4°
Yesterday's low: 62.0°

Last Year: 91° and 69°
Normal High: 86°
Normal Low: 63°
Records: 97° in 1998 and 46° in 1974

24-hour precip total: .59"
June 2011 monthly total: 8.91"
1.97" of rain fell on this date in 1958

Middle Tennessee Weather History
June 26, 1994
Middle Tennessee is struck by 3 tornadoes during the evening. The worst is an F3, which travels a remarkable 38 miles, touching down at Lutts (Wayne County), and traveling southeastward, passing through Iron City and St. Joseph before crossing the Alabama state line. There are 22 injuries, but no fatalities. Six more persons are injured along a 4 mile F2 path near Altamont (Grundy County). And an F1 touches down near Topsy (Wayne County), cutting a 5 mile path, but with no reported injuries.
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