Friday, December 9, 2011

Frosty, Cold Start - Sunny Day

We went all the way down to 23.6° this morning in Cookeville, TN and expect to rise to near 48° by later this afternoon. Currently at just after 7 am, it is 25.1° with plenty of frost. Some areas near lakes, rivers, and streams are dealing with freezing fog this morning. This may cause locally hazardous driving conditions in those areas.

I expect a sunny run of weather all the way through Monday. The one kicker in the weekend forecast is a dry cold front will run through the area later this evening and bringing a north wind and colder conditions with highs struggling to reach 40° on Saturday. This will be very short-lived as we go to 48° on Sunday after a morning low around 22°. Some locations may see teens for the first time this season.

Next chance for rain does come until Tuesday, but hangs around for several days.

*Latest Local Forecast*

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