Saturday, February 11, 2012

Middle Tennessee Snow Totals

Here is a look at some snowfall totals from across the area. 

2.5"  Jamestown (Fentress County)
2.4"  Monterey (Putnam County)
2.0"  Allardt (Fentress County)
1.5"  Clarkrange (Fentress County)
1.2"  Livingston (Overton County)
1.0"  Crossville (Cumberland County)
1.0"  Fairfield Glade (Cumberland County)

In Cookeville, measurements have been in the dusting to 2/10ths of 1 inch range. Here are some pictures from my Facebook friends. 

I-40 heading east on Monterey mountain

1800 feet elevation at Monterey

Snow picture last night in Monterey

Bitterly cold air is in place and we're currently at 23.0° at 11:55 am. Factoring in the gusty north winds, which have been consistently in the 10-15 mph up to 20 mph, the 'feels like' temperatures are in the lower to middle teens this morning. Originally, we thought our high would be 27-30° across the area, but it looks like we'll struggle to make that.


Anonymous said...

Livingston is in Overton County. I noticed that you have it listed as Fentress Co.o

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks for that 'catch' on my error!! I got it fixed!

Anonymous said...

No prob. I wouldn't have even noticed except that my nephew goes to school in Livingston. Btw, I love your reports and think you are doing a great job. Your site is one of my favorites to visit for weather updates. Keep up the great work!


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