Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rainy Day and Night

Expect showers and an outside chance of a thunderstorm today (Wednesday) with a high of near 60° in Cookeville, TN. Chance of rain is 70%. Tonight, showers continue with slight chance of a thunderstorm. Most of the rain will occur before midnight and we'll see a low of 47° by morning. Rain chances tonight is 60%.

Thursday: Sunshine: 61° ...low 38°
Friday: Sunshine: 63° ...low 48° with showers that night
Saturday: Showers/T-storm: 60° ...low 47° with showers
Sunday: Showers possible: 55° .....low 37° with showers

*Latest Local Forecast*

January 2011 was a wet and warm month with a shade under 5.5" of rainfall (normal is around 5") and an average daily high of 52.1°, which is 5.7° above normal but still well below the record year in 1937 when the average high was 59.2°. Our warmest day was 65.7° on January 25th while the coldest low was 14.1° recorded on January 3rd. We had 12 days in which the high exceeded 60° and 6 out of 7 of those days occurred from January 20th through January 26th, which is usually considered the coldest week of the year historically.

What does all this mean? Not I've been reminded by climate scientists, 'weather isn't climate'....

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