Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chilly and Windy Sunday

Do we call this blackberry winter?

Temperatures are struggling to rise this morning due to a persistent northwest wind and excessive cloud cover. Our low this morning was 44.7° and we've managed to get to 46.1° at 10:30 am. Combine this with a steady northwesterly breeze from 5-12 mph and you have an actual wind chill value today in the lower 40's. These temperatures will curtail most outdoor activity for Sunday.

I don't expect much improvement and in fact, we'll probably see some showers by lunch. We may see a peek or two of sunshine, but it won't do much good. The winds will continue to pick up to the 10-20 mph range during the afternoon hours. One concern we are watching is an upper level low that could cause scattered showers and some possible thunderstorms. Chances are not great, but it is worth mentioning. Highs are expected to reach the mid 50's but we'll have to hustle to get there.

Skies won't clear much over night, but temps will drop into the mid 30's. I do think we'll have enough wind to prevent formation of frost.

Monday should be mostly sunny and a high in mid 50's. Monday night could bring frost to the mid-state with lows in the 30's. Frost formation will depend upon whether the winds calm down. At this point, it is still questionable as to whether or not we will see frost.

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