Saturday, May 26, 2012

Close To A Record

Official Cookeville record from this date was 93° back in 1916.

While my station shows we hit 93° at 4:01 pm today, we'll see what the official observation station at the Cookeville Water and Sewer Plant on S. Jefferson near Hwy 111 recorded. Typically, we're about 1-2° apart most days.

The heat index or 'feels like' reading (a formula with the temperature and humidity) hit 100° at 4:26 pm this afternoon.

We'll see much of the same for Sunday except I believe temperatures may very well be a couple of degrees higher. Wouldn't be surprised at all to top out around 95° in the later afternoon hours. Memorial Day should be a few degrees cooler (around 90°) with a slight chance for a thunderstorm.

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