Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blazing Hot Sunday

We're in for another hot day across the Highlands region of Tennessee. The heat has prompted another special weather statement for today. Remember your heat safety tips.....I'd rather no one become a victim of this early season heatwave.

We missed out on a record yesterday in Cookeville. Officially the high was 91°. (record was 93° from 1916) We'll be close to another record today as we expect highs to rang from 92-94° and the record is 94°, which last occurred in 1941.

No rain is expected for Sunday, however, there will be a chance (albeit, slight) for thunderstorms on Memorial Day across the area.

Here is something to look forward to in the forecast. Next weekend will be as much as 20° COOLER than this weekend.

*Latest Local Forecast*

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