Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Forecast

Scattered rainfall amounts on Friday as some areas received no rain but others received quite a drenching. Amounts range from 1.29" just west of Murfreesboro to around .20" for many other locations. Here in Cookeville at my station, we recorded just .26". The rain was light and lingered for much of the day. The severe weather, thankfully,  never developed.

I'm not confident in seeing any severe weather the rest of the weekend, however, there is still the potential for a few strong thunderstorms to develop. With plenty of moisture in the atmosphere, the other ingredients are in place for the development of a few strong thunderstorms. The weekend will not, by any means, be a complete washout. We are most likely to have the garden variety afternoon thunderstorm activity develop similar to a summer pattern. The coolest day over the next 7-10 days was today followed by tomorrow.

Friday's high was just 72.2° early (9:46 am) and I expect we'll be in the upper 70's on Saturday. For Sunday we are back in the 80's and stay there all week. Our best shot at topping 90° comes on Monday and Tuesday with Tuesday being most likely. We'll back down to highs near 80° toward the end of next week.

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