Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quiet Sunday Evening But Busy Monday

Expect a fairly quiet Sunday night as temperatures will drop to around 70° by morning. It'll be fairly muggy as dew points are still in the lower 70's. Thunderstorms are likely on Monday (about a 60% chance) with a high of 84° and light WNW winds. A 50% chance of thunderstorms for Monday night and a low of 69°.

Expect another great chance for showers and thunderstorms on both Tuesday and Tuesday night with high of 84° and a low of 64°. Once we get past Tuesday I do believe we'll see much more settled and more comfortable weather. Lower 80's for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with lows in the lower 60's for those nights. Looks like a fairly comfortable weekend ahead.

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Sunday, August 11th Facts and Figures:

Hottest Temperature (worldwide): 113.0° in Najaf, Iraq
Coldest Temperature (worldwide): -63° in Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica

Corona, California: 48° breaking their old record of 54° set in 2009.
Corona is about 1 hour east-southeast of Los Angeles.

Dallas, GA in Paulding County recorded 3.74" to claim the wettest spot in America today.

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