Thursday, September 12, 2013

Big, Big, Big Changes Ahead for This Weekend

Have you liked the run of hot weather?
We've gone six (6) straight days with high temps of at least
87° and now three (3) straight days with a high of 90°+.

Our forecasted high for Thursday is expected to be around 90°, but we'll have a 50/50 chance for thunderstorms. Don't be caught outdoors during these potentially dangerous storms. Look at the video in the next paragraph.

If you've not had an opportunity to seeing the lightning video from south Jackson, TN area from September 10th, please take a look at my previous post by scrolling down this could save your life.

As promised in the title, we have big changes on tap for the weekend. After the LAST hot day on Thursday, thunderstorms will be possible through the evening hours. A cold front will drop down through our region and bring in some much cooler/drier air. Some of the chilliest yet of the upcoming Autumn season.

Thursday Night: Thunderstorms through midnight 64°
Friday: Sunny 78°
Friday Night: 49° (even lower in outlying areas)
Saturday: Sunny 75°
Saturday Night: 52°
Sunday: Sunny 81°

The ever popular did you know section has some great stuff again!

*Our 3 straight days of 90+ ties the longest streak this year (July 8-9-10)*

*The last 20 days has seen just 3 decent rain days totalling around 2"*

*We've had NO days in the 70's in September thus far*
*August had 5 days in the 70's (for the high)*

*Meteor/Sonic Boom Rock Southeast US*

*Denver Hit By Crazy Hail Storm (up to 5 feet deep)*

Today's high in the world was:
113° in Basrah, Irag

Today's low in the world was:
-77° in Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica

*Latest Local Forecast*

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