Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your Thanksgiving Day Forecast

Quite the bummer about the lack of snow across all of the Upper Cumberland.

The simple explanation is this: 
Moisture outran the cold air dropping into our area. Without the combination of both, we get very little snow. It's not what most people want to hear. Forecasting snow in Middle TN is one of the hardest things to do.

The funny thing:
No one ever asks about rain except if flooding conditions could occur. No one is concerned over 1/10th of an inch versus 3/10ths of an inch. This was the difference in our snow.

Thanksgiving Forecast:
Bitterly cold tonight with clearing skies. Expect a low of 16° by sunrise. Even colder in the Jamestown and Crossville areas. Brilliant sunshine for Turkey Day and a high of 43°. Calm winds. It should feel nice enough for you all to run some calories off after feasting.

Thursday Night Through The Weekend:
Cold on Thanksgiving night with a low of 24° by Friday morning. Bundle up if you're one of those early Black Friday risers. Gloves, coat, scarf and hat are all key items for early shoppers. Friday looks great with an eventual high of 51° under sunny skies. We'll do a few degrees better on Saturday with more sunshine and a high of 54°. We'll see a slight rain chance on Sunday with a high in the 50's.

Cookeville Christmas Parade:
The early forecast on the Christmas Parade for Cookeville on Monday, December 2 is for a slight chance of showers and temperatures in the upper 40's around 7 pm. A heavy coat is a good idea with a hat and gloves for maximum warmth.

Wind Chill:
One of the most common winter questions outside of snow is about wind chill. I'm including a wind chill graphic as well as a link on wind chill questions below. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Wind Chill Questions

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