Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Chilly Night and Upcoming Weekend Forecast

Third Straight Night in The 50's
Are you liking the cool nights and warm days? 
We've had a large number of lows in the 50's this July with 9 nights thus far. Looks like #10 will happen this evening.

Thursday's Forecast
We'll start cool again with sunrise temps around 57-59° in and around Cookeville with afternoon highs 80-82° under a partly cloudy sky. A slight chance of rain showers overnight Thursday but I don't see it being a big rain event.

Friday Through The Weekend
Look for a rain/thundershower chance each day with highs in the low to mid 80's and lows in the low to mid 60's.

Next week promises a warm and sunny start with highs in the upper 80's and low in the mid to upper 60's.

Every 10 days an unattended child dies in a hot car. Let's stop these preventable tragedies. National Heatstroke Prevention Day is July 31. Since 1998, more than 620 kids have died from heatstroke when left unattended in a vehicle. More than half were simply forgotten; something that can happen to the most loving and caring parents when their routine is changed. Other deaths occurred when a child was intentionally left in a vehicle or climbing into a vehicle on their own and was unable to get out.

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