Tuesday, June 5, 2007

REALLY Dry in Other Places

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Great post over at News 2's Weather Blog about the drought in Southern California...while we are antsy over our lack of rain, they are going through a full blown drought! **WOW**

Bobby Boyd over at the National Weather Service in Nashville has posted about our longest dry spells in history for Middle Tennessee. It's an interesting read along with the NWS's Weather Blog.

Our 5 day forecast isn't promising too much (AGAIN) in the way of rain...but storms are a POPPIN' in Northern Middle Tennessee. Some appear to be VERY STRONG! Click here for a current radar link!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday Thompson's station got hit for the third day in a row by a pop up. We got 0.13 inches. Also congrats to your daughters B-day.

Michael Detwiler said...


That .13 is 6 TIMES more rain than we've had in the last three weeks!

Thanks for the nice comment about daughter's b-day!


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