Sunday, October 7, 2007

Big Changes Ahead Mid-Week???

We're watching a possible BIG CHANGE in our weather for the mid-week! The map above is the 'forecast' 500mb map for Thursday. Note the depth of the Canadian air over our area!

Current temperatures this Sunday afternoon are in the middle 80's here on the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee. Normal highs and lows this time of year are 74 and 47. Record high for October 7th was 93 set back in 1916, the record low was 30 last set in 1980. Last year, we had a high and low of 66/43.

The great news is by Thursday, according to the forecast, we'll struggle to reach 70 each day through the weekend.

The good folks over at talk about change as well.

I'll be with my wife on Tuesday evening as she is giving birth to our daughter, Mary Katherine. Check her website here.


MTWC said...

Congrats about your baby! Yep, this type of cool down will hopefully speed up the changing of our leaves


Maynard said...

Congratulations on the whippersnapper.

Dewdrop said...

Sounds like it is fixin' to get cold up your way. Praying for a fast delivery.

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks gang! We're looking forward to both her arrival AND the cooler weather!! :)

Wayfarer said...

So we are changing from a "Baby Watch" to a "Baby Warning" box right over the Tennesse area. Future chaser is almost here...;-)

Michael Detwiler said...

That is right, Rick!!! A Special Baby Statement has been issued by the Cookeville Weather Guy. :)


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