Monday, December 3, 2007

Cold North Winds

Checked my CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge this morning and found we had received .56" of rain from the rains just ahead of a cold front last evening. It is quite chilly with morning temperatures around 30° and winds gusting to 15 mph under a cloudy sky.

We'll struggle to break 40° today even though skies will gradually clear.

Our local forecast

Middle TN FUN Weather Fact of The Day
From this Date in 1982...Temperature at Nashville reaches 79, setting a record high for the month.

Current Conditions at Mt. Washington, NH (I 'thought' we were cold)

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MTWC said...

Hey Mike, when did you start your blog? Was it back in February? No real reason for asking, just curious.

Michael Detwiler said...

Clay...yes sir...It was around that time...I'd have to go and look at my archives to make sure.


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