Friday, December 7, 2007

Rise Temperatures and Rain

Our local weather forecast for Cookeville, TN

Middle TN FUN Weather Fact of the Day (courtesy of the NWS)
On this date in 1989, a major winter storm strikes Nashville leaving 40,000 homes without electricity.

Temperatures have warmed overnight. At midnight, we stood at 41° we're at 45°. Temps will rise another 10° today along with a good chance for rain today and tonight. Rain will stay in our forecast over the next several days as a weak and disorganized system stays put over Tennessee. While we won't have day after day of a washout, we will have the on and off variety of showers.

My Weather Station LIVE

Wunderground Radar

Nat'l Weather Service Radar

I am working on getting my weather station information to post on a couple of websites. One is and the other is
Should have these going in the next day or so.

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