Monday, April 14, 2008

Cold Monday

We're in for a chilly Monday here in Cookeville, TN. Temperatures are in the mid and upper 30's this morning. The great news is we see 70's on the horizon in our forecast.

We'll have to get through this morning as radar indicates a band of snow heading our direction. The normal high/low for April 14th is 68 and 42.

Have a WONDERFUL Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Should we expect the same kind of damage we saw last year in early April when temps dipped well below freezing for almost a week straight? What should we do to protect our plants? A simple covering may keep out the frost, but that didn't help any of my plants last April.

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey JC...I don't believe we'll have the same sort of damage as last year. Here's why:

Last year, the temperature dropped into the upper teens and lower 20's Saturday night/Sunday (Easter) morning. Being under FREEZING for that long is one of the reasons for the significant damage. Another reason was we had several cold mornings...

If you look at the forecast, we'll have another chilly night...right around freezing and then we're warm from here on out! Damage will be very minimal at worst.

Covering your plants will be fine!


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