Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drying Out This Weekend...

Rainfall has ceased across the midstate and we'll slowly begin the process of drying out. We've got patchy fog here on the Cumberland Plateau. Cookeville webcam showing fog and mist. Clouds will be stubborn and will hang around most of the day. Temperatures will struggle to get in the middle 50's. After today though, Sunday will be gorgeous will sunshine and highs reaching 70.

**Meteorological Spring**
Meteorological Spring is defined as March 1st onward. Checking our rainfall, we've received 8.60 inches of rain since 3-1 while the average rainfall for March 1st through today is 6.26. This represents an overage of 2.74 inches or 37% above normal. Hope this trend continues for the rest of the year!

I've updated the weather blog to include a live storm warnings along with latest weather news. You'll see both these new features just to the right below our live weather station. If you scroll toward the bottom, you'll see charts from my personal weather station. I am looking to put a graphic on the site with the NWS forecast, so if you know of one...let me know

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