Thursday, May 1, 2008

Windy Today and Friday..

Tight pressure gradients ahead of a front will cause winds to increase significantly today. 15-25 mph will be the rule and we can't rule out gusts of 35 mph.

Temperatures will be very warm...approaching 80° today and Friday.

Be careful if you head to the lake or drive a high-profile vehicle.

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*Special Weather Statement*

April 2008 Statistics:

High Temperature 83.1° (April 25th)
Low Temperature: 30.1°(April 15th)

Highest Wind: 31.1 mph from SW

Rainfall: 5.30 inches (avg. April rainfall 4.54)

Avg. Daily Hi: 66.7° Normal: 68.7
Avg. Daily Lo: 46.6° Normal: 42.7

All in all, it was a good month...above average rainfall, near normal temperatures.

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