Monday, June 30, 2008

Fantastic Monday...

Temperatures will only be in the mid and upper 70's across the Highland Rim today as a cold front passed through on Sunday. Lows tonight could bottom out around 54° here in Cookeville and might be even cooler in the higher elevations up on the Cumberland Plateau!

Rainfall Report
Just a few days ago, I posted about our rainfall shortage. Since then, we've recorded 1.50" of rain. That makes a big difference in our numbers.

For June
, we'll end up at:
3.61" versus our normal of 4.41"
24.77" for the year versus our norm 29.18 thru June
We are 84.9% of normal.

*Latest, Local Forecast*
The week looks nice with warm days and cool nights. Chances of storms increase by week's end as we close in on July 4th. That will be our country's 232nd birthday!

*Middle TN Weather Fact Of The Day*
We have an interesting one for you today...

On June 30, 1952...

Temperature at Nashville reaches 106, setting a record high for the month. It also marks the 8th consecutive day of 100+ readings, a record. Crossville sets both the daily record low and high for the date, with a morning reading of 52 degrees, and an afternoon mark of 93.

My question is: How do you set a daily low and high all in one day? That is quite interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Over the past few days, every time I visit your blog, the latitude and longitude "35.81N 86.39W" appears in the search bar of my Google Toolbar. Wonder why that is.

Just appears out of nowhere.

Michael Detwiler said...

Maynard....that is odd...when I checked those coordinates, that is where the damage from storms were in Murfreesboro. Bet it had something to do with the Google Map I embedded on my site with the Public Information Announcement from the National Weather Service. I'll remove it...then check back and see if it still does it.

Anonymous said...

That seems to have been the culprit. Thanks.

Michael Detwiler said...

No problem...glad it worked out for you...thanks for visiting my site.


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