Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crystal Beach, TX...And Our Local Weather

I wanted to show you all a before and after look at Crystal Beach, TX which is near Galveston.  It was on the  very strong 'east' side of the eyewall of Hurricane Ike.  This before picture shows a beautiful beachfront community.
The after picture below shows a community that was decimated by wind and water.  The big damage came from the water which swept homes away.  This community, along with Gilchrist, Texas on the Bolivar Peninsula took a relentless beating during Ike.  I understand that recovery operations are continuing.
Very sad indeed.

Here locally in Cookeville, TN, our forecast is for more of what we've had over the last three days.  Warm days and cool nights.  Great autumn weather indeed!  Today and Friday will be in the lower 80's with highs backing down into the upper 70's for the weekend.  Lows will be mainly in the 50's.  If you live in the Cookeville area, shut off the A/C and raise your windows.  :)

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Anonymous said...

As one of the Weather Channel anchors said the other day, there is a reason they are called "barrier islands." They take the brunt of a storm, helping to protect the mainland. It's a beautiful location but not meant for building houses.

Michael Detwiler said...

You're right, they provide a 'barrier' to the mainland. Definitely isn't conducive to getting tattooed by a big hurricane.

Anonymous said...

KHOU-TV talked on the phone to a lady I think was from Crystal Beach who was determined to remain. She was expressing her faith and trust in God. When you have the notice that is available thanks to the GOD-GIVEN human skills and technology today, why not heed the warnings GOD is giving to evacuate!!! I've been wondering if she made it. She was a sincere, sweet sounding lady.


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