Sunday, September 7, 2008

Foggy Morning! (Ike Update) (Church)

Good morning!  It is the 50's this morning around the Cookeville area.  We are at 58° and thick fog is affecting much of Middle Tennessee.  Latest shot from our webcam in downtown Cookeville.

We'll see clearing by 9:30 this morning and our forecast calls for highs to reach in the middle 80's.

Moving on to Hurricane 7 am CDT, he has winds of 135 mph (Category 4) with gusts to 160 mph and is moving to the west at 14 mph.  The lowest barometer reading was 28.01"...whereas here at home this morning, we have 30.18"...Ike is forecasted (as you see below) to move into the Gulf of Mexico.  Much, much more information at Wunderground Tropical and the NHC.

Speaking of tropical storms, I was checking CoCoRaHS rainfall totals across the country this morning where Tropical Storm Hannah raced up the east coast and found one location in Virginia (Prince William County) that recorded 9.14" in the last 24 hours!   There are many locations in that area that received over 5".

I'm headed to church this morning.  Have camera duties for the internet and TV.  You can watch the services (first one at 8:30 am CDT & second at 10:30 am CDT) on the web by going to our website for Trinity Assembly of God in Algood, TN.


Anonymous said...

I like that "expectors on the on position." Have a blessed day!

Michael Detwiler said...

You too, Eddie...have a blessed day, my brother!


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