Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Chances Later Today

**Quick 11 AM update**
Snow flurries flying in Cookeville! A little earlier than anticipated, but who is complaining?  37° at 11 am.

Just read my rain gauge and it said 1.31" since yesterday morning.  Our two-day storm total is 1.92" here in Cookeville, TN.  Later this morning, I'll get a handle of what others measured.  I can tell you there are already measurements in the 3"+ amounts coming in from Chattanooga north to Knoxville and east to Sevierville.  Flooding is reported in several communities in East TN.  Rock slides are reported in the Great Smoky Moutains National Park.

We expect more showers this morning, those showers turn to snow sometime after 12 noon.  It will be a windy, raw day with gusts expected near 25 mph.  A clipper-type system comes through our area tonight and may produce more snow showers.  I don't expect much, if any, accumulation from today (ground too warm) or tonight (not enough precip).

*Latest, Local Forecast*

We will also look at Alabama's flooding issues through our friends at later this morning.


Anonymous said...

We can confirm the snow flurries! Ran through a small batch at 10th Ave & Fisk Road at about 12:30 pm. Maybe there'll be more later? Sure makes a welcome change from all the rain...

Anonymous said...

^ I meant 10th STREET of course, someday I'll get those straight!

Michael Detwiler said...'ll get all these goofy streets soon! :) Glad you all are getting your things together. Yell at me if I can help!


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