Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Decent Wednesday Ahead...

Some sunshine today with highs in the middle 50's here in Middle TN.  Radar indicates a few showers in West Tennessee this morning.  Our chances for rain increase tonight and stick with us through Saturday night. By Sunday, it COULD (didn't say would) end as snow showers.  Folks, I only talk about the weather and don't make it!!  The good news is cold air doesn't stick around long this time of year!

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Speaking of rain, we're a little short for February.  Currently, I've measured just 2.05" while February averages 4.72"...the last four years, we've only averaged 3.75" during February. Do you enjoy seeing how much rain we get? Would you be willing to participate in the measurement and reporting? Then, consider joining CoCoRaHS today.

As I've told you over the last few days, this is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Tennessee.  Today, we focus on tornadoes.  It is nature's most violent storm. A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air that extends from the base of a thunderstorm and is in contact with the ground.  March, April, and May are the months we are most prone to see tornadoes while our secondary season is in the fall (November/December). They can, however, occur in any month. No location, time of day or time of year is immune from a tornado. Have a plan for yourself and family during a tornado watch (which means conditions are favorable for development of tornadoes) and a tornado warning (one has been spotted either on radar or by a trained spotter)..if a warning is issued for your area, take cover immediately.

More information on Severe Weather Awareness week is available via brochure. Click here to get it!

1894...A major snowstorm brings big accumulations to Middle TN. Carthage receives 15", Byrdstown 14", and Franklin 11".

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