Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warming Trend Ahead!

Warmer Weather Later This Week
I know this is hard to believe considering we sit at 15.3° this morning at 6:22 a.m.  While we will just see highs today in the upper 30's this afternoon here in Cookeville, the forecast is looking very promising for warmer weather.  Highs by the end of the workweek will reach the mid and upper 60's. Reaching 70 degrees is possible also.

March Madness for CoCoRaHS
This month is 'March Madness' for the CoCoRaHS program (Community Collabortive Rain Hail and Snow Network). We are looking to sign up a bunch of volunteers! CoCoRaHS observers measure the rainfall across our country. The tagline for CoCoRaHS is 'because every drop counts'...and it does. CoCoRaHS observers assist the National Weather Service, among others, with the measurement of rain, snow, and hail reports. We are a grassroots volunteer network of backyard weather observers of all ages and backgrounds working together to map and measure precipitation.  If you're interested in knowing how much rain falls and recording it properly, won't you consider signing up?? 

Middle TN Weather History Today
Weather History for today in Middle Tennessee includes COLD temperatures! In 1980, 2° in Nashville, 0° in Clarksville, and -2° in Crossville! In 2003, Nashville finally breaks the longest known streak of cloudy days at 17 in a row!

Lastly, a big thank-you for those of you who've contributed to running this website via your information and your donations. It takes many who are interested in weather to keep a weather website relevant. Traffic on this site is breaking records every single month. It is due to our faithful readership and for new people who've heard about this site. To all of you, I'm deeply appreciative! 


Anonymous said...

Warm will be nice - got a lot of outdoor chores to knock out!

Hoping to get with CoCoRaHs someday, still have to get my weather station and am not sure where to start - is Oregon Scientific a good one? I also signed up at the spotter class but so far no info from them nor even a return e-mail. Puzzling.

Michael Detwiler said...

Hi Paul:

Warm WILL be nice. I need to work on several things myself!

I hope you do get on CoCoRaHS. An Oregon Scientific station is good.

Typically, the spotter class info/e-mail reply takes a few weeks, I know it did last year.

Contact Mark Rose over at the NWS-Nashville blog if you don't hear from someone soon. He can get you an answer pretty quick..or you may try Tom Johnstone at the NWS. He is the fellow who taught the class.
Let me know if you need help.


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