Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Snow Showers

Snow is falling in Middle Tennessee this morning.  At times, it comes down at quite a clip for a bit..then slows down to almost very light flurries.  Quite exciting for April.  Just saw a 'tweet' from a Twitter person who recorded 10+ inches in the Smoky Mountains.

Snow Accumulation List:
Dunlap 3.1" (in the higher elevations north of town)
Monterey 2.6"
Monteagle 2.5" (8 miles east of town)
Altamont 2.5"
Crossville 1.7" (7 miles south of town)
More at: www.cocorahs.org

How long will this snow last?  I think the last of it will leave our area this afternoon.  Temperatures won't warm much today as highs struggle to reach 40°...hang in there as highs reach in the low 60's on Wednesday and upper 60's on Thursday. Nice weekend ahead with highs in the mid 60's on Saturday and near 70° on Sunday.

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Weather History for This Date

On April 7, 1972...
Wind gust of 63 mph is recorded at Nashville.

On April 7, 1982...
Temperature at Nashville drops to 23, setting a record low for the month.

On April 7, 2006...
The deadliest tornado outbreak since the Super Outbreak of 1974 strikes Middle Tennessee. Eleven tornadoes touch down across the mid state, including an F3 storm that kills 7 people in Gallatin, injuring another 128. Two separate tornadoes strike Warren County, killing 3. Widespread hail also occurs. Four-inch hailstones are reported in Ashland City, and 3¼ hail occurs in Hillsdale (Macon County). Three-inch hail is reported in Centerville, with baseball-size hail occurring in several other locations. This is the 9th largest tornado outbreak to ever hit Middle Tennessee.

On April 7, 2007...
Crossville's low temperature of 20 degrees sets a new record low for the month, just 13 days after setting a record high for the month of March.

Fun Weather Site of The Day
Since we have quite a bit of snow in the Smoky Mountains, I thought I'd feature the Smoky Mountain Information blog called 'Your Smokies'. I enjoy their updates from one of the best national parks in the United States. Check them out today!

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
April 7th
Normal High: 66 (Record: 85 in 1921)
Normal Low: 40 (Record: 21 in 2007)
Last Year:  Hi: 74 Lo: 47
2.5" of rain recorded in 1918
1.0" of snow recorded in 1971

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