Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warming Up (Finally)

After a chilly morning start, in which temperatures stayed above freezing, we make it into the lower 60's by this afternoon.  The daytime high will feel quite warm after two days of flirting with the mid 30's and snowflakes.  Warmer still for Thursday and then we see some possibly strong storms returning for Friday. The weekend looks fairly nice with strong storms returning Sunday night and Monday.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Weather History for This Date
1998-Wind gusts of 58 mph in Nashville and baseball-sized hail is reported in Pikeville.
2007-Lows drop to 20° at Crossville and 23° in Nashville setting new record lows for April

Fun Weather Site of The Day
One of my favorite sites is done by Barbie Bassett, she is the chief meteorologist for a TV station in Jackson, MS. Her site is called Barbie's Forecasts & Faith
She ties together her thoughts about the weather along with her strong faith in the Lord. Thank you for encouraging me and others Barbie. Many of us really appreciate what you do.  

Cookeville's Daily Almanac 
Normal High: 67° (Record: 84° in 2001)
Normal Low: 41° (Record: 20° in 2007)
Last Year: 75° was our high, while 56° was the low
2.20" of rain fell on this date in 2006.

We've measured 2.58" of rain in the first 8 days of April.  Normally, we'd see about 1.25" through this period, so we're a comfortable amount ahead.  For 2009, we have measured 17.44" and the normal precip through this day is 16.71", giving us an excess of about 3/4 of an inch! Now, you know why your grass is so green this year!

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