Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dodging The Rain Bullet

**TENNESSEE'S HEAVY RAIN (not here!)**
Quite a bit of rain fell yesterday across the Volunteer State. Unfortunately, not much fell in the Cookeville/Putnam County area as the most that was listed was just .05"....check out the rain in my gauge from this file photo in 2007.

CoCoRaHS observers listed 37 reports of more than one inch including a 3.50" amount near Eagleville, TN in Williamson County just to the south of Nashville.

Our weather turns dry after a slight chance of rain this afternoon. Highs will be in the mid to upper 80's through Friday when another chance for rain is in our weekend forecast. These rain chances will be for mostly isolated-type thunderstorms.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Weather History for This Date
1955-Hurricane Connie strikes North Carolina..5 days later, Hurricane Diane strikes in same location.

Fun Weather Site of The Day
Speaking of hurricanes, we have two potential hurricanes taking shape in the Atlantic. Right now, one is a Tropical Depression while the other is a vigorous tropical wave. So, our FWSOTD is the Nat'l Hurricane Center's web site. All kinds of information is available...check it out today! In other hurricane news,  NOAA has decided to lower the number of anticipated storms this year, but cautions public to not let their guard down.

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
Yesterday's high: 87° low: 72°
Normal High: 88°
(Record: 99° in 1925)
Normal Low: 64°
(Record: 54° in 2008)
Last Year: 81° and 56°
1.51" of rain fell on this date in 1916
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