Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice Saturday Weather Ahead

In last night's forecast post, I made a statement about a few showers in the area but nothing that would cause us big problems. Well, I certainly didn't anticipate the development of a line of showers that became stationary over the Putnam County and Cookeville area.

We saw the first raindrops around 8:30 pm. Soon, it was a monsoon-type rainfall that chased most of the Fall Fun Fest attendees to their cars.

This morning, I have 1.38" in my CoCoRaHS rain gauge! Just checked the CoCoRaHS list of rainfall across Tennessee and 4 of the top 5 amounts of rain were right here in Putnam County. We also had 6 of the top 10. The official NWS-Coop station located at the Cookeville Water Plant, just .31" of rain was recorded in the 24-hour period ending at 7 o'clock this morning.

We don't expect Saturday's weather to include heavy rain, but I cannot rule out a stray shower. Look for a mostly sunny sky later this morning (after the fog lifts) and highs will be in the lower 80's. We will repeat the forecast for Sunday with sunshine and lower 80's. No rain expected for Sunday.

Did You Know?
Today's 'Did You Know' is with last evening's rainfall we have measured 48.42" since January 1st. This makes 2009 our wettest year since 2004. We still have over 3 months left in the year!

Weather History for This Date
1977-Twenty five people are killed in Kansas City, MO over two-days of flooding.

Fun Weather Site of The Day
NOAA NEWS is our FWSOTD. Today's story is about the cooler than normal summer across the United States.

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
Yesterday's high: 83° low: 63°
Normal High: 82°
(Record: 100° in 1896)
Normal Low: 58°
(Record: 38° in 1940)
Last Year: 84° and 71°
2.10" of rain fell on this date in 1936
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