Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow for Thursday

Hazardous Weather Outlook - Looks like our more significant snow won't show up until after lunch on Thursday. You may, however, see some snow flurries before then. Latest thinking is mid-morning for Nashville area and more like noon or so for us. The heavier snow for us will be after lunch. Still thinking around 2-3" here in Cookeville area.
I do think it was the right call by the Putnam County school system to go ahead and call schools for Thursday. Even if we have nothing in the morning, they did the right thing. No sense in sending kids to school only to turnaround by 11 am or so and release them.
Behind the snow will be bitter cold weather, the coldest of the season! Wind chills on Friday morning could be down around 0°.


tncorgi said...

Yes, I agree that calling off school for Thursday is wise. Not only that, but considering the expected feels-like temps for Friday, they should cancel classes for that day also. Guess that remains to be seen...

Michael Detwiler said...

I am sure there will be some teeth gnashing and hand wringing and head scratching going on tomorrow morning when we awake to a mostly cloudy morning. But, you are right..calling off schools stands as a good idea!

Friday's call will be an afternoon decision.


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