Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Saturday Weather (Tsunami Warning-Hawaii)


AT LEAST FOR A WHILE:  Expect sunshine for the first half of Saturday with temps warming to around 43°. A northwest wind will make things feel a bit cold. Look for more clouds by afternoon and a slight chance for flurries. By this evening, a better chance for snow flurries and snow showers with lows in the mid 20's. Less than a half-inch of accumulation expected. Speaking of winter weather, today's Examiner post discusses this crazy winter of 2009-2010! *Hint* - Coldest in more than 30 years!! Check it out.

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Daily Weather Story
Tsunami Warning for Hawaii after a massive earthquake (measuring 8.8 on Richter Scale) has struck Chile. The 50th state of the United States is planning on sounding warning sirens at 6 a.m. (Hawaiian time) to awake residents and visitors to give them updates on the warning. Estimated arrival time to the Hawaiian Islands is around 11:19 am HST. As I understand it, a tsunami was generated by the quake and this is a dangerous situation.
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