Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Rain

RAIN REDEVELOPS TODAY: Same ol' story as we'll see more rain develop later this morning and we'll keep rain chances in the forecast the rest of the weekend. Highs only around 50° this afternoon. It'll be the first time in about a week that we've been below our normal high temperature.

Spotter's Class Today: At 10 o'clock this morning (Saturday) in Cookeville, TN is the annual Storm Spotters Training Course. It will be held at the new Emergency Operations Center which is located on Willow Avenue near the famous Pink Elephant. 

Spring Forward: Don't forget to set your clocks forward tonight when you go to bed! Otherwise, you'll be late to church on Sunday. 

CoCoRaHS March Madness: In college basketball, this time of year is known as March Madness. For the precipitation measuring program, it is March Madness, too. We need volunteers for the CoCoRaHS program. To learn more, click here

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