Friday, December 2, 2011

Freezing Fog Early, Then Sunny

Another morning of freezing fog across middle Tennessee. Yesterday, near Hendersonville, some 170 cars were involved in a pile-up with 40 of them being damaged and unfortunately, one person lost their life due to freezing fog.

This fog is forming once again near areas of water such as lakes, streams, rivers, etc because those bodies of water are much warmer than the air temperatures. Due to temperatures being below freezing, the fog is settling on roadways and is freezing. This causes hazardous driving conditions, including slippery roadways. If you drive into fog, keep plenty of distance between you and other vehicles, use your low beam headlights, SLOW DOWN, and be aware of possible icy conditions.

*Freezing Fog Advisory*

*Latest Local Forecast*

We do expect a warm day across the area with highs reaching 57° by this afternoon and in the 60's on Saturday with rain coming on Sunday and highs near 60°. The rain stays around through Tuesday and there is a chance the upcoming rain event may be ever heavier than last week's 4.57"....lets hope not! The rain will end as a rain/snow mix on Tuesday night. Cold weather for Wednesday and Thursday.

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