Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dense Fog Advisory This Morning

If you're just waking up this morning, notice how thick the fog is in certain areas (see above photo).

There is a Dense Fog Advisory for all of middle Tennessee this morning. The fog is expected to hang around through the 8 o'clock hour for many of us and even later for others.Visibilities are down to less than 1/4 mile. Slow down if you run into foggy areas. Be sure to have your low-beam lights on.

Strong storms are possible coming up for Thursday and Thursday night with the most likely events being heavy rains, damaging winds, and large hail.

For today, sunny after the fog lifts with a 10% chance of rainfall after 5 pm and the high will be 86°.

The 7-day forecast is below.

*Latest Local Forecast*

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