Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nice Tuesday With Another Heatwave Ahead

We're looking at one of the nicer days in quite some time today as highs will only reach the middle 80's today. The nice part is the northeast winds, which will gust to around 20 mph and much lower humidity levels. You'll notice the difference from the 8 straight days in the 90's. Overnight, temperatures will drop quickly and we will end up in the mid 50's by morning.

The heat returns on Wednesday with a high of 94°. But that isn't the worst news, there is no rain predicted until at least Saturday. Even then, the chances are remote at best. Temperatures will continue to heat up and I believe we'll push the 100-degree mark on both Thursday and Friday with near 100-degree temps for the weekend.

*Special Weather Statement*

We're short on rainfall significantly here in Cookeville. See below for exact #'s
Jan avg. 5.09 Jan 2012: 4.64
Feb. avg. 4.89 Feb 2012: 5.20
March avg. 4.80 Mar 2012: 5.57
April avg. 4.57 April 2012: 2.06
May avg. 5.51 May 2012: 1.98
June avg. 4.62 June 2012: .36

Avg. thru June should be 29.48...currently we sit at 19.81 or nearly 10" below normal. We're about 33% short for 2012. In fact, this quarter we are just 30% of normal or 70% short of average.

As you can tell, we started out great during the first quarter, however this quarter has been brutal in the lack of rainfall and none is expected for the rest of this month.

*Latest Local Forecast*

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