Friday, June 29, 2012

Record Heat Continues Today Through The Weekend

Sizzling temperatures are on tap for today across the Cookeville, TN area. Expect a high of 105° here in town. That will break a long-standing record. The 100's for highs will continue right through the weekend and into the early part of next week.

We started at 65° at 5:00 am and had climbed to 71° by 7 am. Since the sun is rising, so is the temperature. In just 30 minutes, we gone from 71° to 78°. Going to be a very hot day across Cookeville.

Unfortunately, there is no rain in the forecast through the weekend and probably not even likely until at least next Wednesday or Thursday. Conditions are extremely dry and very dangerous in regards to a fire being easily set and able to spread quickly.

As of now, the professional fireworks show going on in Algood, TN at the Algood ball fields is still on.

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