Monday, May 19, 2008

Cool Morning, Warm Afternoon!

Temperatures are in the middle 40's this morning on the Cumberland Plateau. Even though it is cool, the skies are clear and temperatures will warm QUICKLY today.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

So far this month, we've measured 2.50" of rain on my CoCoRaHS gauge.
Normal precipitation for the month of May is 4.72"
.....we are just a bit behind this month.

For the year, we're at 20.39 inches and our average rainfall is 22.58"
....much better than last year.

The early thoughts for our weather on Memorial Day is highs in the 80's and lows in the 60's with widely scattered showers. I'll go farther out on the limb the closer we get to the weekend! :)

Have an excellent morning.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I posted this on the Hurricane Discussion by accident. You can delete it if you like.....Ok, back to what I was saying....
Hey Mike, since I haven't been able to post over here in a while. I was wanting to know where you have your SKYCAM shot hooked up at? I really don't see much happenbing today with the storms and all. I posted over at talkweather about why I think nothing will happen and I think I may get bashed for it. Hey it's good practice. LOL! You have a good Monday.

Michael Detwiler said...

Charles...the 'skycam' shot is our Putnam County Emergency Management Agency's webcam. It is located high atop our Cookeville Drama Center/Police Department in Downtown Cookeville. There is a link on my site on the left side under "Local Links"....


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