Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Relief Ahead

It appears this powerful heatwave is about to break. More on that in a moment. Also, today in weather history is when Ben Franklin did the experiment with the kite, key, and lightning.


  • Yesterday's high hit 93°..just short of the record of 94° 
  • Heat index topped 100° (102°) for the 6th day out of the last nine and for the third consecutive day. 
  • Six more high temp records were tied or set yesterday including down in White County at the Sparta water plant where they hit 95°..the old record was 93° from 2008. 
  • 154 heat-related temp records have been set or tied in the past 9 days across Tennessee. 
  • Finally, our average high temperature for June through the first 9 days is 90.8°, which is the hottest since records have been kept in Cookeville going back to the late 1800's. 

We will see a chance for isolated thunderstorms over the next few days. Expect highs in the 90's today and Saturday, but we'll back off into the 80's Sunday through Thursday of next week with night time lows in the middle to lower 60's. Not all of us will see rain, but those who do will see their temperatures back off by more than 10°....

*Latest Local Forecast*

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
June 10th, 2011
Our morning low: 64.6°
Yesterday's high: 93.0°
Yesterday's low: 67.9°

Last Year: 82° and 66°
Normal High: 83°

Normal Low: 60°
Records: 93° in 1999 and 42° in 1988

24-hour precip total: 0.00
Just .40" of rain for June
1.85" of rain fell on this date in 1998


On June 10, 1998...
A hailstorm at Smithville produces golfball-size hail. Seventy cars and 17 homes are damaged. Wind driven hailstones cause holes in the siding of homes. Damage is estimated at $750,000.

On June 10, 1999...
Lightning strikes a substation on Eddy Lane in Franklin. The lightning damages a breaker, insulators, and lightning arrestors. Eight thousand customers are without power

June 10th

  • 1752 - This is believed to be the date that Ben Franklin did his famous kite experiment during a thunderstorm to determine if lightning and electricity were related. Luckily, he lived to tell of the results.

  • 1957 - A dust devil at North Yarmouth MA lifted a 1000 pound chicken house into the air and carried it 25 feet, depositing it on the ground with only slight damage.

  • 1958 - Stormy weather in El Dorado KS. A woman was sucked through the window of her house and blown sixty feet. She landed beside a broken phonograph record, entitled appropriately: "Stormy Weather."

  • 1988 - Williston ND recorded their seventh record high temperature in eight days with a sizzling 105 degrees.

  • 1995 - The temperature at Yakutat AK soared to 87 degrees for its hottest temperature ever.

  • 1997 - Many cars were afloat in the southern suburbs of Miami, Florida, early this morning with people trapped in them. The intersection of SW 87th St. and Kendall Drive had 2 feet of water covering it. Water was waist deep in some spots. Rainfall amounts included: Tamiami Airport, Florida 6.99 inches and 9.83 inches at Homestead, Florida

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