Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 PM Isaac Update

We are closely monitoring Tropical Storm Isaac and with the 10 pm (CDT) advisory, it is important to note several things going on with this system.

1) The storm is trying to reorganize after passing over land.
2) It appears the storm will continue to jog westward of the original line. This will move the storm further from the southwest Florida gulf coast.
3) Because the forecasting models are increasingly showing this movement west, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that landfall may end up nearer Mobile or even the Alabama/MS border.

A couple of forecast maps below.

The next question is "How will Isaac affect Tennessee?"

The short answer is this storm is expected to pull northward once on shore. Originally, the thoughts were the east TN mountains would see the most rainfall, however those thoughts are beginning to change. The cone of probability is more likely (right now) to be between Jackson, TN to the west and Crossville, TN to the east. Now it is entirely possible this will be adjusted as the storm moves closer and with 5 days to go, anything is possible.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Cookeville's Sunday forecast is for a sunny day with highs near 90°. The morning start around 7 am should be around 65° with an overnight low around 62°.

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Anonymous said...

What day is this supposed to start for TN?

Michael Detwiler said...

I would say sometime later on Thursday if everything holds together....a lot 'could' change though.

Thanks for your question!


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