Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday's Forecast Including Impact Zone for Isaac

Expect a fantastic Sunday across much of Tennessee. We'll get to our forecast later in this post. Let's talk about Tropical Storm Isaac first.

We discussed, in last night's post, the possibility of the Tropical Storm Isaac's track scooting further to the west and this is exactly what has happened. The latest update (at 7 am) from the National Hurricane Center shows the impact point moving westward from the Destin area toward the Alabama/Mississippi border. This jog westward brings the city of New Orleans into play. Again, we're still a couple days out (late Tuesday and early Wednesday) so things could change.

Isaac will continue to strengthen as it moves through the Gulf. The main impact point this evening will be Key West. The airport at Key West has been closed. Through the night Isaac will continue to grow and will become a category 1 hurricane. The beaches on the western gulf coast of Florida will take a beating especially since they are located on Isaac's east side. 50-60 mph wind gusts are being reported this morning as far away as West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach in rain bands on the Atlantic side of Florida.

Further out, the concern is for the Florida panhandle as landfall is expected between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning early.


In Tennessee we expect to see tropical like conditions by late Thursday and early Friday. The main threat continues to move westward so the heaviest rains (at this point) for late next week appear to be around Nashville and locations west toward Jackson, TN. Again all of this could change as Isaac marches towards Tennessee.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Cookeville area forecast discussion:
Expect sunny skies with a high near 90° today. Light winds

Partly Cloudy overnight and comfortable with a low of 65°

Monday will be similar to Sunday with a high of 90°

We'll add a chance of thunderstorms to the forecast beginning Monday night and extend that all the way through the rest of the week.

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