Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BIG WEATHER NEWS: Lots of Rain Between Now and Weekend

Not only are we looking at a significant rain event, but also may a possible winter weather event this coming weekend. As usual, the forecast could change concerning winter weather but confidence is very high for a significant amount of rain.

First a 7-day projection on rainfall. Note the location of the 6.6" x on the map.

Several links to pass on to you tonight:

A closer look at the heavy rain possible

Potential for flooding rains

This is an excellent time to review Flood Safety and please make a plan if you live or work in an area which is prone to possible flooding.

Special Weather Statement

In summary, expect a major weather event with rain starting on Thursday including possible thunderstorms. The rain will continue into Thursday night, Friday, and Friday night with a possible changeover to all winter precipitation on Friday night. A cold rain is possible on Saturday. 

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